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Phantom 32 Hull and Deck Complete

Will Smith of Phantom Boats in Sarasota, Fla., has finished the hull and deck of his new 32-foot stepped V-bottom designed for competition in the Superboat Vee-class of Super Boat International circuit. A 600-hp, 496-cubic-inch GM Vortec engine from Innovation Marine, also in Sarasota, will power the boat.


Captured by photographer Pete Boden, these are the first images of the complete 32 Phantom outside the factory. (Click to image enlarge. Ali images courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.)

“I’m just getting the money together to rig it and hopefully that won’t take too long,” said Smith. “I intend to race the first one myself and when I get a buyer for the second one I’ll build a mold off it.”

According to Smith, the total weight of the unrigged 32-footer is 2,500 pounds. Installing two seats, the engine, fuel tank, rigging and additonal equipment needed for offshore racing should add another 2,500 pounds to the boat.

Before Smith installs the new Innovation Marine powerplant in the boat, he’ll test it with a 600- to 650-hp, 598-cubic-inch carbureted engine he built himself and that currently powers his own 30-foot Phantom. The 30-footer reportedly tops out at 100 mph that power. Smith said he expects the 32-footer to run between 103 and 105 mph.

phantom32-2bigAccording to Smith, his new 32-footer is the longest boat with the lowest profile in SBI Superboat Vee class. (Click image to enlarge.)

“That way, I’ll know I haven’t hurt myself by adding more running surface to the bottom, which has a different style than the 30,” he said. “Races are won by the average fastest speed. This boat has the longest running surface—and lowest profile—of any boat in the class. It should give me an advantage (in rough water), or at least a better ride.”

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