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Performance Boat Center Taking On Velocity Sportboat Line

The splash Velocity Powerboats has been making of late with its undeniably efficient, outboard engine-powered V-bottoms has attracted a lot of attention, most notably that of multi-brand dealership Performance Boat Center based in Osage Beach, Mo. So impressed are Performance Boat Center owners Mark Waddington and Brett Manire with the Sanford, Fla., company’s sportboat line that they have to decided to add it to their current portfolio, which includes the dealership’s own Wright Performance brand of outboard-powered catamarans as well as the MTI, Sunsation Boats, Cigarette Racing Team, South Bay and Princecraft lines.

In addition to its uncommonly fast V-bottoms such as the 430 VRX above, Velocity builds center consoles and bay boats. Photo by Walter Braithwaite, Jr. copyright Velocity Powerboats.

“Velocity has a niche in fast, outboard-powered V-bottoms,” Manire said. “Mark and I visited Velocity during Thanksgiving and really liked what we saw. Performance Boat Center has become a relatively large name in the high-performance marine industry. We can help make Velocity bigger and better.

“We already have boats on order and we’d like to do eight to 10 boats a year with them,” he added. “It’s going to be a great relationship.”

Velocity Boats company owner Scott McCormick is equally excited and optimistic about the partnership.

“When Brett called me with the news that they wanted to carry the Velocity line, we were ecstatic,” McCormick said. “I love building these high-performance machines and partnering with Performance Boat Center is a perfect fit. Our customers will be very excited to have a sales and service center in one of the hottest boating locations in the United States.

“I have been on a hiring spree and have added another 15 team members to support all of the growth,” he added.

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