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Peppers Offshore Racing Team In For Qatar Cup

With his Douglas Marine Skater 368 Peppers offshore raceboat in tow, Micheal Stancombe will head out of Indianapolis this evening for Jacksonville, Fla. The 36-foot catamaran, which is powered by a pair of stock Mercury Racing 525 engines will be loaded on a ship that debarks Friday morning for Doha, Qatar, event headquarters for the Qatar Cup in February. The upcoming international races will be the first in which Stancombe has competed in more than a year.


Heading out of Indianapolis tonight, the Peppers racing team’s Skater cat and equipment will join the rest of the U.S. fleet in Doha.

“I am beyond stoked,” he said. “When I saw that Motley Crew was going and rumblings that of cats with 525s coming from New Zealand and Australia I said, ‘I want to get into this.’ I called Steve Curtis and he asked, ‘Is your boat ready?’ I said, ‘It can be.’ So I got ahold of Pete at GAC Pindar (the official logistics provider for the event) and we started getting ready.”

Stancombe isn’t certain who will join him in the cockpit for the races. It could his father, George, though he recently broke his arm, or offshore racer Mike Anderson, both of whom Stancombe said will be joining him in Qatar.

“There’s one more surprise person who will blow everyone’s mind if he can do it,” he said. “He’s been out for awhile, but he might be making a reappearance in Doha.

“The only drawback is I might miss my son’s eighth birthday,” he added. “I am hoping I can get out in time. I’m going to be working on that.”

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