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Pegged F29 DCB Becomes Still Pegged with Dramatic Overhaul

For Mark and Shirl Noack of Discovery Bay, Calif., the decision to purchase one of the best-known models to ever leave the DCB Performance Boats facility in El Cajon, Calif., was an easy one.

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Northern California boaters Mark and Shirl Noack anticipate putting a lot of hours on their DCB F29 this summer. All photos courtesy Cherilyn Noack

The DCB F29 cockpit before and after.First of all, Pegged, a stunning red, gray and black F29 catamaran, was in immaculate condition, which is impressive for a boat built 12 years ago and used frequently. Second, the Noacks knew the boat was more than capable of handling the California Delta waterways and would be a nice complement (or replacement eventually) to the family’s 38-foot Fountain Powerboats V-bottom. And third, the 29-footer featured a pair of 800-hp supercharged engines from Teague Custom Marine in Valencia, Calif.—a place where the Noacks are pretty well connected.

Considering that Josh Noack, Mark and Shirl’s son, is one of the go-to riggers at the reputable shop and that he’s married to Bob and Andrea Teague’s daughter, Cherilyn, who handles marketing and administration for the company her father founded more than 40 years ago, “well connected” could be an understatement.

Those family ties to the industry sealed the deal as Josh was fully involved in the process, which he thought was going to be a simple service of the boat so it could be used this summer before doing anything to do it.

“The boat was in great shape—it was nice to have it in its original form because we knew no one had screwed with anything over the years,” Josh said. “We got a good deal on it so we knew we were going to update it at some point. Then my dad started thinking about changing the gauges and one thing lead to another. The next thing I know we’re talking to DCB about a new interior and we’re re-rigging it, adding a GPS to the dash, installing a new stereo system and rebuilding the drives. It turned into a complete update.”

Along with the update, the family decided the boat needed a more modern look so Josh designed new Pegged and F29 logos that were incorporated into the cockpit carpet and seat design, which was handled by DCB’s talented upholstery expert, Carlos Lafarga.

“It turned into a cool project, and the boat definitely looks like a new one,” Josh said. “We had it out Memorial Day weekend in the Delta and it proved to be the perfect boat for that water. It is so nimble and quick, and it handles so well. It’s more comfortable for everyone in the boat now, too.”

Along with gaining an exceptional ride, Mark said his favorite part about getting the boat was the time he got to spend with his son.

“We didn’t have to touch the motors besides some general maintenance,” Mark said. “We basically went from bow to stern and sanded and polished everything. It was a cool project to work on and spend weekends with my son. I was impressed with how much he’s grown as a mechanic. His knowledge of boats and what needs to be done with them is exceptional.”

Mark made sure to credit Bob Teague for his continued assistance. “I think Bob was more excited about me buying the boat than I was,” he joked.

For more before-and-after images of the 29-foot cat, check out the slideshow above.

“Everyone told me this was a popular boat, but I didn’t realize how popular,” Mark said. “I’m a history guy so that makes owning the boat, which we’re calling Still Pegged, that much better. The first weekend I had it, I was filling up in Stockton and someone came up to me and told me they knew the boat from Lake Havasu.”

That’s exactly where Mark found the 29-foot cat—at Maxed Out Marine in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. The boat is likely to return to Lake Havasu for special events like the DCB Regatta in September and the Monster Bash Poker Run in October, but most of the time it is going to be used in the Delta.

“Carlos and the crew at DCB knocked it out of the park with the new interior,” Mark said. “Those guys were so easy to work with, too. I wanted to make the boat look timeless and not be associated with a specific period so we had them keep it a little simpler than some of the stuff they’re doing now with the diamond stitching and such.

“Without Bob and Josh, this never would have happened,” he continued. “Bob stepped up big—he let us use the shop, plus he brought so much knowledge to the table that getting the boat dialed in wasn’t a problem. We’ve had it up to 138 mph already and there’s more in it. The boat really is phenomenal, it’s like a racecar on the water. I feel like we got a brand new boat.”

Lafarga was pretty proud of the work his team did to improve the boat that he worked on more than a decade ago.

“I love the new style—the stitching came out great and the dark gray with the bright red looks nice,” said Lafarga, who converted the rear bench seat into three bucket seats. “We’re in the middle of redoing another F29 with a similar look to it. It’s fun to take a boat that appears a little dated and make it look new. And when you get a customer like Mark, who is super appreciative, it makes you feel real good.”

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