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PBC of South Florida Hot With Sales And More

With the constant buzz of activity and action coming out of Performance Boat Center in Osage Beach, Mo., the multi-brand dealership’s Fort Lauderdale, Fla., location tends to get eclipsed. Yet Performance Boat Center of South Florida has never been more busy, according to sales manager Mindi Doller.

Delivered yesterday, this new 32-foot Sunsation center console was purchased through Performance Boat Center of South Florida.

Doller described sales of new- and pre-owned boats as “on fire.”

“Every inventory boat I have is under contract,” she said. “I need high-quality pre-owned boats to sell. For people who are looking to sell their boats and move up, now is the time—it’s a seller’s market. We can get premium prices on clean used boats and find your next boat. The buyers are out there and we are really low on good used inventory. We’re selling boats as soon as we get them in here.”

The new-boat market is just as hot, she said.

“Yesterday, we delivered a new Sunsation 32 CCX,” she said. “The owner bought it sight-unseen for the Florida Powerboat Club’s smaller Key West run this weekend. He bought towels for it, so I had them laundered, folded and put in the boat before he got here. I also got him all the water-toys he wanted for the boat and filled its coolers with ice and ice water.That’s the kind of service you get with Performance Boat Center of South Florida. We don’t just sell you a boat and kick you out the door. You also get our personal attention.

“We also have a Sunsation 40 CCX on order,” she added.

In May, the South Florida outfit delivered a 59 Tirranna from Cigarette Racing Team. Next week, Doller will deliver a new 42 Auroris, which like the 59 Tirranna is part of the Opa-Locka, Fla., company’s HyperLux series. (Both boats are pictured immediately above.)

The Performance Boat Center of South Florida team has been busy with restoration and upgrade work. Current projects include refurbishing a 50-foot Cigarette V-bottom, which will debut at the Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run in November.

Currently being updated at Performance Boat Center of South Florida, this 50-foot Cigarette is headed for the Florida Keys in the near future.

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