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Pain & Gain: Statement Marine Goes Hollywood


Can we be brutally honest, just for a moment? High-performance powerboats have not fared well in motion pictures during the years. Like the movies themselves, the go-fast boat action tends to be lacking. Don’t believe me? Go rent “Miami Vice”, the appalling flick based on the equally appalling television show and the insipid “The Hangover, Part II” and watch them back to back.

Get ready for two mind-numbing experiences that will not be remotely redeemable because of the “boat action.”

But I have to admit, I have high hopes and great expectations for the upcoming “Pain & Gain” motion picture (watch the trailer below) that features a 42-foot Statement Marine V-bottom—the “Invitation Only” boat that is owned by Chris Huele and was on display at last week’s Miami International Boat Show.

Pain & Gain: Statement Marine Goes Hollywood