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Owners Thrilled After Waves and Wheels Delivers New Doug Wright 36 Carbon

It’s only been a few days since I reported on Southern California performance boaters Jerry and Andrea Olsen’s new Doug Wright Powerboats 36 Carbon Waves and Wheels edition catamaran being dialed in on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks and ready for delivery, but I figured why wait on reporting what the Olsens think now that they’ve received their new boat. Fortunately I reached Jerry Olsen by phone Sunday on his drive home from Lake Havasu, where he has a second home and will be keeping the 36-footer—the first 36-foot Doug Wright finished and delivered by the Osage Beach, Mo.-based dealer.

Pictured below driving his new Doug Wright 36 Carbon cat through the Lake Havasu Channel with his wife, Andrea, Jerry Olsen was ecstatic to get his new boat delivered to him by Waves and Wheels owner Justin Wagner.

Jerry Olsen, who has owned several outboard-powered cats but none as large or as powerful as his new one, wasn’t at a loss for words when asked for his reaction after getting the opportunity to run the boat on Friday and Saturday on the Colorado River-fed lake, but it was clear he was still wrapping his mind around owning such an impressive machine. He also was pretty stoked that Waves and Wheels founder Justin Wagner caught a last-minute flight Friday morning to be there when Jermaine Smith of Prestige Transportation showed up with the boat at the Olsen’s place in Topock, Ariz.

“I’m very impressed with the boat; everything about it is so cool,” said Olsen, who was happy to have Andrea and his son, Max, as well as his best friend, Andrew, and his son, Luke, there to experience the boat’s maiden voyage. “It’s definitely an impactful boat between the paint, the interior, the rigging and the stereo. Of course the sound system is over the top—not that I expected anything less from Justin. There’s no doubt in my mind those guys know how to make a boat look and sound good.

“The performance is amazing, especially the handling,” he continued, adding high praise for the cat’s twin Mercury Racing 450R engines. “The boat rode like a Cadillac but handled like a sports car. We didn’t hit it too hard because the motors are still fresh but we got to push it a little and get a good feel for the power. This boat was so worth the wait. It met all my expectations and then some.”

Wagner said he was glad he took the time to be there for the delivery and is thinking about going back to the lake later this year to spend some time with the Olsen family.

“It was a very quick trip, but so worth it,” Wagner said. “Jerry and Andrea have been a pleasure to work with. Not only did I sell and deliver our first Waves and Wheels Edition but made some friends as well.”

Jerry Olsen’s family and friends enjoyed the maiden voyage of his 36-foot Doug Wright.

When I asked Olsen if he was planning to use the 36 Carbon, which he named Do Wrong Wright, much over summer or if he was going to avoid the desert heat for the next month or two, he immediately replied, “Absolutely—we’re heading back next weekend. I want to get those motors broken in quickly.”

The cowboy-hat-wearing Olsen added that he’s looking forward to getting more seat time in the boat and even signing up for a big poker run like the local Desert Storm Poker Run next spring.

“I feel like I have the kind of boat where I can do poker runs now,” he said with a laugh. “I have to take my hat off the guys at Doug Wright and Waves and Wheels for building such a cool boat. I can’t wait to get back in it.”

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