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Outerlimts SV 43: Dream Machine


To date, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats has built 13 SV 43 V-bottoms since the model was introduced in 2008. Now, a “baker’s dozen” of boats over the five years might not sound like a whole lot of production, but Outerlimits is a high-end custom builder of go-fast V-bottoms and catamarans from 29 to 52 feet.

Prices start in the $300,000 range and can reach more than $1 million depending on desired power and options. The company builds 12 to 15 boats a year, so that one model has accounted for more than two boats a year since it was introduced is significant.

The Bristol, R.I., company separates its V-bottoms into stand-up, dubbed “Super Leggera (SL),” and sit-down, called “Super Vee (SV),” cockpit categories. The SL models have deeper cockpit and taller decks, which make for larger cabin spaces, while the SV models have shallower cockpits and cut-down decks, which still allow for cabins—but with less headroom.

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(Photo courtesy/copyright Robert Brown/Robert Brown Photography)