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Outerlimits Upgrade: Sweet 16 Years Later

To say that Mark and Karen Tindale, who live outside of Toronto, Canada have run their 37-foot Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats V-bottom with triple Mercury Racing HP500 engines “into the ground” would be inaccurate. But it is fair to say they’ve received a fair return on their investment—at least in terms of quality time on their home waters of Georgian Bay—since purchasing the 37-footer from company founder Mike Fiore in 1998.


While it has a little way to go, the Tindales’ new SL 44 should present a significant upgrade from their original 37-footer.

“In 16 years, that boat never scared me,” said Mark Tindale. “It always flew level, landed flat and turned perfectly.”

But marine engine reliability and performance, as well as Outerlimits hull technology and construction, have changed a little bit since the late 1990s. So in October 2014, the Tindales decided it was time for an upgrade. Working with Dan Kleitz of Outerlimits, they ordered an SL 44 V-bottom from the Bristol, R.I., custom performance-boat builder. If all holds to plan, which is powered by twin Mercury Racing 700 SCi engines with No. 6 drives should be completed by early May.

With its trio of naturally aspirated, carbureted 500-hp engines, the Tindales’ first Outerlimits topped out at 92 mph. With the twin supercharged, electronically fuel injected engines, the 44-footer—a model that didn’t even exist when they bought their 37-footer—should top out between 108 and 110 mph, according to estimates from the builder.

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For a quick look at the Tindale’s 1998 37-foot Outerlimits, check out the slide show above.

“Everything has gotten so much more advanced now with the electronic systems in engines and hull technology,” said Tindale. “With the No. 6 drives and 700 engines, the package should be bullet proof. I’m not a big ‘speed guy,’ but it’s nice to have the power when you need it.”

Like all SL 44 models, Tindale’s boat will be built with a stand-up cockpit and a full cabin. Unlike most owners, however, the Toronto-area native won’t be using the cabin as a glorified stowage locker.

“We sleep in it when we take it to poker runs,” he said. “That’s what it’s for, right? We used every part of our 37, and we’ll use every part of this boat. I think this one should last us at least another 10 years.”

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