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Outerlimits To Build Third SL 50 Sportboat

At this moment, Canadian performance-boat enthusiast Dave Scotto is sitting in an office with Dan Kleitz of Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats in Bristol, R.I., ordering a new SL 50 V-bottom sportboat. When finished, it will be the third stand-up cockpit, 50-footer the company has produced.


Said Scotto (pictured at the 2014 Lake of the Ozarks with his SL 52): “I came down for lunch last year, and by the time we were done I had ordered a new 50.”

While the propulsion package for the primarily clear carbon fiber boat has not been finalized, Scotto is leaning toward of a pair Mercury Racing 1550 engines that, using a separate key fob in conjunction with the Mercury SmartCraft system and lower-octane fuel, can be changed from 1,550-hp engines to 1,350-hp engines. The engines were introduced last month at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show. (Read the story).

Scotto originally ordered his current Outerlimits SL 52—now for sale via Outerlimits—with Mercury Racing 1650s, but he eventually swapped them out for 1350s to eliminate the requirement (and considerable expense) of having to locate and transport fuel for the 1,650-hp engines. He likes the idea of being able to run twin 1,350-hp engines most of the time, but having the ability to raise their power level for the occasional high-speed blast.

The SL 50 will be Scotto’s third Outerlimits in four years.

“I was happy with my SL 52—it’s all Mike’s (Fiore, the founder of Outerlimits) fault that we’re here,” he joked via speaker mode on his mobile phone, then laughed. “I came down for lunch last year, and by the time we were done I had ordered a new 50. Mike always came up with these great ideas. He persuaded me.”

“The SL 50 is has a different overall shape than the SL 52,” added Kleitz. “It has a lower profile and edgier lines. It has more of a modern-day, sportscar look to it.”

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