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Outerlimits Thrills Tschida Family With Boyne Thunder Delivery Of New SC 37

Delivered to a family as brand loyal as it gets, the fourth SC 37 outboard-powered catamaran from Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats in Bristol, R.I., officially hit the water a week ago today—the day before it arrived on scene in Boyne City, Mich., for the Boyne Thunder Poker Run to take its rightful place next to its sistership, the famed Topless SC 46 catamaran owned by Jeremy and Kristie Tschida of Minnesota.

With Outerlimits Dan Kleitz driving and Adam Seraphine navigating, Jeremy Tschida’s wife, Kristie, and son, Tyler, enjoyed the maiden voyage of the family’s new Outerlimits SC 37 catamaran from the rear seat during last Saturday’s Boyne Thunder Poker Run in Michigan. Photos by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

Trailered from Rhode Island to Northern Michigan by Outerlimits sales manager Dan Kleitz just in time to take its spot at the event’s Friday evening street party, the beautiful 37-footer that features twin Mercury Racing 450R engines and an attention-getting paintjob from Stephen Miles Design was a complete crowd-pleaser. Beyond that, and more importantly, it was a complete “Tschida-pleaser” as Jeremy, Kristie and their 14-year-old son, Tyler, were absolutely blown away by the boat that takes color cues from the Tschida family’s 2015 model-year open-cockpit 46-footer powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines.

“To be honest, I’ve been a little overwhelmed by this experience—I feel like that was a once-in-a-lifetime deal to pull off having both boats at the event,” said an excited Jeremy Tschida following the 19th annual Boyne Thunder Poker Run. “The plan was to have the boat at Boyne with the 46, but it certainly came down to the wire. Fortunately Dan got the boat here in time for the show and we were able to find a slip for it , put it in the water early Saturday morning and take it on the poker run.

“The response at the street party was amazing,” he continued. “When Dan showed up, Kristie, Tyler and I started helping him clean it up. Then I got too distracted looking at the boat and everything in it. At that point, I was engulfed and zero help (laughs). The little touches and the attention to detail throughout the boat are just incredible. And the paint—I hadn’t seen the boat in person since it was painted—is impeccable. To be honest, there were some tearful moments seeing it altogether. Tyler was super stoked; he is ecstatic about the boat. He calls it ‘his boat,’ so of course he rode in it for the poker run.”

Tschida said Kleitz ran the 37-footer in the poker run with Kristie and Tyler as well as Outerlimits client and Tschida family friend, Adam Seraphine, who is also from Minnesota. After the lunch stop in Charlevoix, where the SC 37 ended up parked next to its SC 46 sibling (“Another act of God,” Tschida said), the Tschidas took the 46-footer back to the Boyne City Marina and the glowing husband and wife hopped in the 37-footer with Kleitz.

“We went out with Dan and drove the boat up and down the lake to get a good feel for it, making sure we understood how everything worked,” Tschida explained. “He had a couple of clients to meet with and wanted to get cleaned up so we dropped him off, and Kristie and I took the boat back out and went up the South Arm to Jordan. Then we decided to see how it ran in bigger water—I’d only ran the first 37 once in Rhode Island and it was a super calm day.

“So we headed out to Lake Michigan, where the water was a little snottier than it was in the morning, and tested it in some ‘real water,’ the kind of water you’re normally in,” he added. “I was stoked with how it handled the rougher water. It feels like a much bigger boat. I’ve been in other outboard cats and it was obvious to me how well built this boat is. I told Dan, ‘I think this boat is quieter than the 46,’ and he said, ‘Of course, it’s an outboard boat.’ I told him I was talking about the fact that there was no creaking or rattling in the 37.”

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Enjoy more images of the new SC 37 cat in the slideshow above. Photos courtesy Pete Boden, Jeremy Tschida and Adam Seraphine.

Tschida described the SC 37 as “surprisingly quick and a different animal from the 46,” stating that the acceleration was impressive for a couple of engines totaling “just” 900 horsepower. With plans to bring both boats to Central Missouri at the end of August for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout and Super Cat Fest, the Tschidas can’t wait to get more seat time in the 37-footer, which they called a home run.

“We had a good time at Boyne—we always enjoy the run and seeing so many friends—but this year’s event is going to be hard to top for obvious reasons,” said the man who has attended the Boyne Thunder Poker Run consistently for the last four years (he even showed up for the unofficial fun run during the pandemic in 2020). “I feel like it becomes a longer trip every time. We keep bringing more people with us, too, because it is such a great family event.”

Riding shotgun in the poker run next to Kleitz, who said the boat came out awesome, Seraphine was thrilled to get the chance to ride in the new SC 37.

“Jeremy’s, I mean Tyler’s, 37 is amazing,” Seraphine said with a laugh. “The attention to detail, the SMD paint, the carbon work and the custom machine work is over the top. Although that is  the expected outcome from every Outerlimits to come out of that factory these days, this boat is a special one. There’s a ton of one-off work on the boat that makes it unique—it’s not just another production outboard boat. Between the SC 46 and SC 37, the Tschidas have quite the decision to make when they want to go boating every weekend.”

According to Tschida, if the SC 37 rides and does everything else like he thinks it will, it’s likely to become the family’s “main boat.”

“I can’t say enough high marks for the boat; it has a lot of functional things, such as the footrests for the rear seat passengers, that I’ve seen in other boats and asked Outerlimits to do,” Tschida said. “It’s a custom build from a custom boat company so those guys made everything happen. In my opinion, they did everything right. I feel spoiled, I really do.”

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