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Outerlimits SV29 Runs 98 mph on Mercury Racing 565 Power


Delivered to owner Mike Everson in late July, the first Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SV29 V-bottom with a Mercury Racing 565 engine is on the water and reportedly ran 98 mph before leaving the Outerlimits plant in Bristol, Rhode Island.

“I’ve had it up to 97 mph myself, and it’s absolutely perfect,” said Everson during a telephone interview from his boat this afternoon as he and his wife, Sheila, idled on the Mississippi River about 75 miles outside Cassville, Wis. “Handling is great, stability at high speed is great. It drives so nice.”

outersv29-565-3This SV29 is the first Outerlimits to be powered by a Mercury Racing 565 engine.

A longtime boat owner whose last sportboat was a Baja 272 Boss Edition, Everson said he learned about the sit-down stepped V-bottom through his friend Mike Griffiths at Mercury Racing. Everson traveled to the 2012 Miami International Boat Show in February to check out the first 29-footer, and ordered one shortly thereafter.

“I wanted something that could cruise at 60 mph and top out at 90 mph,” said Everson. “This single-engine boat can do what a lot of twin-engine boats can’t. We’ve been running on the river all day between 25 and 75 miles an hour, and right now I’m averaging over three miles per gallon.  We’ve already done 75 miles today, and we’ll probably end up doing 160 or 170 miles today.

“There are a lot of boats wakes on the river,” he continued “This boat just skips right over them.”

outersv29-565-2The 29-footer was delivered to its owner in late July.