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Outerlimits SL 44 Build Follow-Up: Delighted Owners’ Dream Season

With the first season in their new Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SL 44 V-bottom behind them, Mark and Karen Tindale who live near Toronto, Canada, have nothing but good things to report. Stepping up to a new 44-footer powered by twin Mercury Racing 700SCi engines was a big move for the couple, who previously owned a 37-foot Outerlimits with a trio of 500-hp engines for 16 years (read the story).

outersl44tindale 03

Sitting pretty in Georgian Bay, this new Outerlimits SL 44 delighted its owners this summer. Photo courtesy/copyright Mark Tindale/Speedonthewater.com

During a summer that included participating in the Performance Boat Club of Canada’s Midland Poker Run and the Buffalo Poker Run in Western New York, the Tindales put approximately 45 hours “without any problems” on their new ride. Their season included a three-day trip to Tobermory, two overnight trips to Parry Sound, one overnight trip to Meaford and multiple jaunts to Georgian Bay.

“Our summer was great, but as always too short,” Mark Tindale said. “Everywhere we went we received nothing but compliments on the boat. Dan (Kleitz) and the boys at Outerlimits did an amazing job with the interior, rigging and overall build, while the paint from Stephen Miles really is much more impressive in person than the pictures show. The pearl white is really sharp in the sunlight.”

Tindale said that despite less headroom in its cabin thanks to its lower-profile deck, the 44-footer is a big step up from his 37-footer in every way.

For a few more photos of the Tindale’s SL 44, check out the slideshow above.

“It took me a few hours to get used to handling the boat around the docks as the staggered 700s setup does not behave quite the same as the triple 500s, but I am now fairly comfortable with it,” he said. “Once underway, the 44 just gets up and goes—no bow-rise, no chine-walking, no porpoising, no strange behavior at all. The boat felt the same at 40 mph as it did at 108 mph. Don’t get me wrong the 37 was great as well, but at 90 mph you had to be trimmed out pretty good and the boat felt a lot lighter at 90 mph than at 60 mph.

“We can’t say enough good stuff about the boat,” he added. “Our boating season ended here a couple of weeks ago. We will be counting the days until next May.”

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