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Outerlimits SC 37 Catamaran No. 4 Taking Topless Inspiration

Pretty as they are, the first three 37-foot catamarans from Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats were not dressed in elaborate paintjobs. The first is outfitted in well-placed vinyl graphics. The second is cloaked in a wrap full wrap envisioned by Stephen Miles of Stephen Miles Design of Kentucky and applied by AdPro Design in Massachusetts. Currently in rigging, hull No. 3 also will be wrapped in graphics created by Miles and executed by AdPro Design.

Jeremy Tschida’s Outerlimits SC 37 catamaran is the first with a complete paintjob from Stephen Miles Design.

But the fourth SC 37, which will go to Minnesota’s Jeremy Tschida, is getting the full paint treatment by Miles and his crew. The 37-footer takes color cues from Tschida’s other Outerlimits, a 2015 model-year open-cockpit SC 46 dubbed Topless and powered by Mercury Racing 1350 engines. Miles and company also painted that 46-footer.

Still, the finished SC 37 will be significantly different than its SC 46 sibling.

“Mainly just the color combo is the only thing that carried over from Topless,” Miles said. “We even switched the oranges and the greens, but they are still very similar colors.”

Tschida described orange as one of his “go-to” colors for his boats, sportscars and motorcycles. That warm hue was among the many aspects of Topless that enticed him to buy the catamaran from its previous owner.

“When coming up with the SC 37 design, Stephen and I went back and forth on all kinds of color combos,” he said. “I always wanted to use what I loved about Topless, but give the SC 37 its own character and personality. I liked the orange but I wanted to brighten it up. My wife, Kristie and our 13-year-old son, Tyler, really like bright green, so I asked Stephen to come up with some ideas using my go-to orange and more lime green.”

In approximately three weeks, Tschida’s SC 37 will be back at Outerlimits headquarters in Bristol, R.I., for interior installation and rigging of its Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines. For the immediate future and likely beyond, he’s planning on keeping both boats.

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Evolution and process.

“At this time we are planning to keep both boats,” he said, then laughed. “If you ask my wife, she says she gave up on talking to me about selling Topless. I love that boat—it’s really fast, handles amazingly and its body lines and paint make it a piece of art.

“We make boating a family event,” he added. “Stephen Miles and (fellow Outerlimits SC 46 and Miles client) Burton Kirsten made friends with Tyler early on. What better people than those guys to be mentors and teach the boating lifestyle to Tyler.”

Said Tschida, “I liked the orange but I wanted to brighten it up.”

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