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Outerlimits Adding Canopied Version Of SC 37 Catamaran

When it comes to building unforgettable canopied V-bottoms—think Mamba and Kahuna—and catamarans—think Jet and Hurry Up—no company does a better job than Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats. Of course, canopied offerings are the unicorns of the high-performance pleasure-boating world and they’re definitely not for everyone. But the Bristol, R.I., company has a knack for creating perfectly proportioned catamarans and V-bottoms for clients who prefer to have roof over their heads they hit the water.

High-performance catamaran buyers who prefer to have a roof over their heads will have that option with the upcoming canopied version of the Outerlimits SC 37. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

So it was only natural that Outerlimits would release a canopied version of its outboard engine-powered SC 37 catamaran. According to national sales manager Dan Kleitz, the Outerlimits crew began considering the option before the first 37-footer was released in late 2021.  Like its open-cockpit sibling, six of which have been built and delivered so far, the six-seat canopied version will be powered by outboards from Mercury Racing.

“We already have three on order,” he said earlier this week. “It’s going to be a canopied pleasure boat, not a canopied raceboat converted for pleasure use. So it will have all the amenities and features you expect in an outboard-powered pleasure cat. We’re very excited about that model.”

Outerlimits will begin creating the deck tooling for the 37-foot cat this spring—the company already has the hull molds. The first model should be complete in early 2024.

“We’re doing all the canopy design in house,” said Kleitz. “We don’t think we’ll need to change anything, but if there are any hull modifications needed we’ll turn to Steve Curtis, who helped us with the original SC 37.”

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