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Outerlimits Laminating First SL 40 V-Bottom

The newest addition to the Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats V-bottom family, the first SL 40 is under construction according to Dan Kleitz, the operations manager for the Bristol, R.I. custom high-performance boat company. Slated for completion this spring—deck tooling for the new 40-footer is still being finalized—the stand-up cockpit V-bottom will be powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 700SCi engines with No. 6 stern drives.


The hull mold for the new SL 40 from Outerlimits.

“We’re hoping to achieve 115-plus-mph with stock 700s,” Kleitz said. “The first one is sold to a customer who’s owned a couple of used Outerlimits models before. This is his first new Outerlimits build.

“It’s going to be a five-person-cockpit, full-cabin boat with an all-Alcantara interior and a special paint job designed by Stephen Miles,” he added. “The cabin will have a full galley, enclosed head compartment, lounges and a full berth. It’s going to be a nice overall pleasure boat.”

Kleitz said that the design for the boat’s carbon-fiber and epoxy hull, which is in the early stages of lamination, integrates what the company learned from the Outerlimits SV 43 that set the existing V-bottom kilometer record of more than 180 mph. He described the SL 40 as more of a “stock” model that company founder Mike Fiore created to appeal to buyers who might be considering a larger pre-owned Outerlimits.

“For a little more money, they can get into a new SL 40,” said Kleitz. “It should be somewhat affordable, at least by Outerlimits standards.”

“The deck tooling is going to take cues from the SL 36 and SL 50 rather than the SL 44 and SL 52, which are a little different,” he added. “We’re hoping this will bring new buyers into the Outerlimits family.”

Final retail pricing for the model has not been released.

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