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Outerlimits Super Leggera 36 Predicted to Top 105 mph on 565 Power

Anticipating an early summer release, Mike Fiore of Outerlimits Offshore Performance Boats in Bristol, R.I., said the hull for the first 36-foot Super Leggera—the company’s name for its V-bottom offerings with deep cockpits with stand-up bolster seating and full cabins—is complete and the deck tooling is well underway. The first model will be outfitted with twin Mercury Racing 565 engines.

“We expect it to run 105, 106 mph with that power,” said Fiore.

outer36leghugeOuterlimits Super Leggera 36—hull No. 1 is complete.

Both the first 36-footer and the second one on order, which will be powered by twin MerCruiser 8.2 Mag H.O. ECT engines, will go to Performance Boat Centerthe company’s dealer in the Midwest. According to Fiore, Performance Boat Center will be the exclusive dealer for the 36-footer.

The list price for the Super Leggera 36 with twin 565 engines is $435,950. Fiore said the hull design is all new and not based on an existing Outerlimits model including the 37′ Stiletto, the company’s first offering. Approximate list price for the twin 8.2 engine-powered 36-footer, which Fiore said he expects to top out in the “mid-90-mph range,” is $399,900.

“We’re working closely with Performance Boat Center on this model,” Fiore explained. “It’s an all-new boat built with all the latest Outerlimits construction techniques and technology that we use to produce a high-quality, high-performance model, but in a price range that has not previously been available from Outerlimits.”

Fiore said that when completed the SL 36 will have 5’6” of headroom in its cabin. He also said that the company has started designing a sit-down version of the 36-footer for its “SV” series.

“If someone wants to order one we’ll definitely build it,” he said. “We think that will happen, which is why we’re working on drawings for it now.”

outer52slbigWhen complete, the Outerlimits SL 36 will be part of a series that includes a 52-footer (shown here) and a 44-footer.