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Outerlimits Finishes First Mercury 1350-Powered Model


An Outerlimits SV52 currently is on the road to the home of its new owner, a multi-time customer of the Bristol, R.I., boat company, in Montreal, Canada. The 52-footer is the first model Outerlimits has built with twin turbocharged, quad-overhead cam 1,350-hp engines from Mercury Racing.

“It’s the easiest engine package we’ve ever installed,” said Mike Fiore, the founder and owner of Outerlimits. “They really did their homework on this one.”

Fiore said he expects the stepped V-bottom to be able to reach 150 mph.

“It’s running hard on the rev limiters at 142 mph right,” he said. “With bigger props, it should run 150 mph.”

The SV52 is the first Outerlimits to be equpped with Mercury Racing 1350 engines.