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Outerlimits Fan Building Tribute Truck

Since his first glimpse of an Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats V-bottom owned by Pete Mazzo—a longtime client of the custom go-fast powerboat company—in the early 2000s, Jared Horowytz of Bergen County, N.J., was hooked on the brand. His family owned four Outerlimits models—37-, 39-, 42- and 44-footers in that order—starting in 2010. Horowytz and his father, Adam, became regulars on the high-performance boating scene in the Barnegat Bay/New Jersey Shore area, as well as on the Hudson River.

“My father bought them, I drove them,” said Horowytz, now 24 years old and working in his family’s restaurant business, with a laugh. “It worked out very well.”


Outerlimits name templates will pull serious duty in this project

Along the way through his family’s Outerlimits journey, Horowytz became a Mike Fiore fan—maybe the biggest fan of Bristol, R.I., company’s founder, who died last August after a high-accident during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Central Missouri. So taken with the brand and its creator was Horowytz that he began volunteering at the Outerlimits plant in Bristol while he was in college in nearby New London, Conn.

“I went there once a month at least or more,” said Horowytz. “Every Wednesday, I would go up there and help. I didn’t get paid. I just enjoyed it. Mike said, ‘Any time you want, come up.’ I think he knew I just really appreciated what he did.

“Unfortunately, Mike passed,” he continued. “I saved every text message he ever sent me. Every moment we ever had, I hung onto.”

Details will include custom off-road lights from Rigged Industries. (Click image for full frame.)

Four months ago, Horowytz purchased a Ford F-350 truck. Even though his family is between Outerlimits V-bottoms at the moment, his plan from the beginning was to customize the truck in Fiore’s honor. Though all of the family’s haulers have had the Outerlimits name on them, this one will take the theme to another level.

“Johnny Ramirez at Fusion Bumpers hooked me up with a pair of bumpers,” said Horowytz. “He was on board as soon as I messaged him. I also got a bunch of customized Rigged Industries off-road lights—I gave Chris Brown there a call. He had heard about Mike’s passing so he jumped on board right away. The sides of the truck will have the Outerlimits name and logo, and the Outerlimits logos inside the doors will light up when you open them. The Ford logo on the front is the biggest one they make, and it will have the Outerlimits logo on on it. We’re going to wrap the dash with the Outerlimits logo, and the rear of the truck and the mud flaps will have the logos from Panties Off,’ a yellow 52-foot Outerlimits with Teague 1200s that was in Mike’s shop. I always loved that boat.

For a quick look at the Horowytz family’s last boat and hauler, check out the slideshow above.

“The truck will be unique because every Outerlimits was unique,” added. “There was no ‘average’ Outerlimits, because every boat was different.”

The project needs to be complete by end of the month because the vehicle is headed to the New York Truck Show April 25-26, Horowytz said. He also said he’s eager to have something—an Outerlimits of course—to pull behind the truck when it’s done. But mostly, he just hopes the project will pay homage to Fiore, who made a profound impact on his life.

“It sucks he’s gone,” said Horowytz. “He meant the world to me. He was the sport. He brought so many people together.”

Though the Horowytz family no longer owns their last Outerlimits—a 44 SL purchased from longtime Outerlimts customer Dave Scotto—there likely will be another in their not-too-distant future.

Editor’s Note: Look for a follow-up story on the completed Fiore/Outerlimits tribute tow vehicle when the project is complete.

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