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Outerlimits-Designed, Eliminator-Built V-Bottom Finds A Home

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Powered by a 600-hp Mercury Racing engine, an SV 29 sit-down V-bottom designed by Outerlimits and built by Eliminator Boats was delivered this week to a customer by Peter Roberts of Double R Performance in Hawkestone, Ontario, Canada. The smallest model in the SV series—and the smallest model ever designed by Outerlimits founder Mike Fiore—the 29-footer was introduced at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show.

The buyer of the boat owns a home approximately two hours away from Toronto and does his boating on a small nearby lake. According to Roberts, the boat topped out at 94 mph in its first day of running on the diminutive waterway.

“Eliminator did a really nice job finishing it, and they were very easy to work with,” he said. “I had to get used to the ‘West Coast’ finish but what they did with the gelcoat is really cool.

“Though most of our customers do their boating on the larger lakes in our area, there are a lot of them who boat on the smaller ones,” he added. “This boat is perfect those people.”

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For a closer look at the first Outerlimits-designed SV 29 model builit by Eliminator Boats, check out the slideshow above.

After building a few SV 29 models at the his facility in Bristol, R.I., Fiore had the tooling for the boat shipped to Eliminator Boats in Mira Loma, Calif., in mid-2013. The plan at the time (read the story) was for the noted West Coast custom go-fast boat company to build the SV 29 with conventional lamination materials as opposed to the carbon fiber and epoxy used in the rest of the Outerlimits line, as well as handle the graphics in gelcoat rather than paint. Financial details of the deal between Fiore, who died late last year long before the first Eliminator-built 29-foot sportboat was finished, Eliminator Boats founder and owner Bob Leach were not publicly disclosed. The tooling for the boat remains at Eliminator.

“We have worked with Outerlimits for a long time, have a great relationship with them and plan on continuing to work with them,” said Roberts. “Bob Leach and everyone at Eliminator was to easy work with, and we plan on doing more of these (SV 29 models) with them.”

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