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Outerlimits Completes First SV52 Open

Outerlimits' first SV52 Open.Outerlimits’ first SV52 Open.

Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats of Bristol, R.I., has finished its first SV 52 Open V-bottom. The half-cabin 52-footer is powered by a pair of 572-cubic-inch supercharged 1,350-hp engines built by MacLean Powerboats of British Columbia with Whipple 8.3-litre blower and electronic fuel injection kits and was painted—at the owner’s request—by Shelton Designs of Las Vegas.

With four people on board and just less than half a tank of fuel, the boat reportedly ran 140 mph.


“With all the different projects we’ve been doing like the SV29 and the 38 Center Console, we still want people to know that we have and will continue to stick to our roots of building fast, custom V-bottoms,” said Mike Fiore, the owner and founder of Outerlimits.