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Outerlimits Building New SV 43 for Diorio

Less than one year old with 53 hours on its twin supercharged 700-hp Mercury Racing engines, Vinnie Diorio’s Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SL 41 V-bottom is for sale. That’s because the Richfield, Wis., performance-boat enthusiast has ordered a new Outerlimits SV 43—a sit-down-cockpit model unlike his 41-footer—with a pair of Mercury Racing 1350 engines.

“My wife is pretty much convinced that is the most addicting habit anyone could have,” Diorio said, then chuckled. “I get bored with stuff fast. I really love the boat I have, but I want to go faster. I want to be able to go 120, 130 mph with ease. I want to cruise at 100.


“With the 1350s, I know I’ll keep the boat longer than a year,” he added, then laughed again. “I don’t think I’ll go any bigger with power. That’s why we didn’t go with the 1100s. I’d just end up being mad and then have to replace them with 1350s.”

Noted paint man Stephen Miles is handling the graphics for the 43-footer. While the colors involved will be the same as those on Diorio’s SL 41, which means he won’t have to repaint his color-matched truck, the arrangement/design of those hues is significantly different. Of course, the 1,350-hp engines and drives will be color-matched to the graphics.

The SV 43’s cockpit will be finished in purple Alcantara simulated suede leather. “It’s going to have the new Outerlimits sit-down cockpit that we are going to debut in the SC 39 catamaran,” said Dan Kleitz, the production manager for the Bristol, R.I., custom performance-boat company.

Diorio said he’s looking forward to the SV 43’s sit-down cockpit seating arrangement.

“I’ve done a lot of poker runs this year—I don’t think I’ve ever done this many poker runs in a year,” said Diorio, who is heading to the sold-out Buffalo Poker Run in Western New York next weekend. “I think I want to sit down. I think it would be more comfortable. And I think not having to stand up is one less thing to think about when you’re going fast in rough water.”

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