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Outerlimits Building 1550-Powered Models No. 2 and 3—And More

In late 2015, Outerlimits completed its first V-bottom sportboat—an SL 50 model for longtime client Dave Scotto—with Mercury Racing’s 1550/1350 engines. Now the builder has two more models, a new canopied SV 50 and an open-cockpit SV 50, with the adjustable-power-level engines in the works.

outersv501550 01

This open-cockpit SV 50 is one of two Mercury Racing 1550-powered 50-footers the company has in production (click image to enlarge).

“We are in the final stages of completing the plug for our new canopied SV 50,” said Dan Kleitz, the production manager for the Bristol, R.I., high-performance V-bottom and catamaran builder. “Our clients seem to love the 1550. Most of the time they’ll run in 1350 mode, but they like having the extra power available when they want it.”

In addition to the two 1550-powered SV 50 models, Kleitz said he has another sit-down cockpit 50-footer—all Outerlimits’ SV models are sit-down boats—powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines back from the paint shop and heading into final rigging.

“Stephen Miles is painting all these boats,” he said.

outersv50canopy 01

Deck tooling is nearly complete for Outerlimits’ new canopied SV 50 (click image to enlarge).

An SL 41 powered by Mercury Racing 700 SCi engine should be finished in the next two weeks. An SV 43 for Outerlimits owner Vinnie Diorio, who bought the first lower-deck SL 41, is next up in the Stephen Miles paint shop. Farther back in line, the company’s first Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engine-powered model—an SL 41 with triples—is in the early stages of lamination, according to Kleitz. Another SL 44 currently in lamination will be powered by twin Mercury Racing 1100.

As for Outerlimits’ SL 44-based center console, Kleitz described it as a highly customer-specific model powered by triple 370-hp Yanmar diesel engines with Bravo XR/SportMaster drives.

“We’re definitely staying busy,” he said. “In addition to all the new builds, we have lots of service projects and we’ve basically sold all the boats we’ve taken in on trade beside a 39-foot Cigarette that is still for sale.”

outersl41flames 01

Painted by Stephen Miles, this SL 41 is scheduled to be finished and ready for its first sea trial in the next couple of weeks (click image to enlarge).

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