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Outerlimits Adding Outboard-Powered SV 29

Following on the successful release of its first SL 41 sportboat powered by triple Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats is adding a twin-outboard-powered SV 29 to its sit-down V-bottom series. The 29-footer will be based off the existing SV 29 tooling, though according to the Bristol, R.I. company’s Dan Kleitz, the outboard version’s deck and transom bustle will be somewhat modified.

“We don’t have to do anything to the hull, but we’ll develop some of the same styling cues we did with the deck and bustle of the SL 41 with outboards for the outboard-powered SV 29,” he said.

outersv29outboard 01

Riding the wave of outboard engine popularity, Outerlimits is offering an outboard version of its SV 29 sit-down V-bottom (click to enlarge). Rendering courtesy/copyright Stephen Miles Design.

While twin Verado 400R outboards are the planned power package for the first model—Kleitz said he’s in the process of closing the first order—for the SV 29 Outboard, the company will offer the boat with 300- and 350-hp Verado outboards from Mercury Marine. “A hardcore outboard guy could even go with Mercury OptiMax outboards if he wanted,” he said.

Kleitz said he expects the 29-footer to top 100 mph with twin Verado 400Rs. “An SV 29 with a single 600-hp engine ran over 100 mph,” he said. “Now, you’ll have two 400-hp engines. Of course, you’ll also have another gearcase dragging through the water, but it should easily run over 100 mph.”

Pricing has not been released.

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