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Outerlimits Adding Eight-Seat Open-Cockpit 46 SC Catamaran

Of the three best-known Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SC 46 catamarans currently boiling the waters, two of them—Burton and Yvette Kirsten’s Jet and Jason and Laurie Moe’s Hurry Up—have full canopies. Only the third, Jeremy and Kristie Tschida’s Topless, has an open cockpit and that cat was converted from its original canopied form.

New deck tooling for the 46-footer is complete.

But future buyers will soon have a dedicated open-cockpit version of the all-carbon-fiber-and-epoxy, post-cured 46-footer to consider. Deck tooling for an eight-seat cockpit has been completed and the first deck has been produced. The Bristol, R.I., company currently is creating tooling for the new dash in the cockpit, which according to national sales manager Dan Kleitz, will boast elements including carbon fiber, acrylic and billet aluminum.

“The entire cockpit has a modern, new design and the windshield will have the signature Outerlimits cap, which makes our boats look they have canopies from the water,” said Kleitz. “It’s going to be an amazing boat.”

A new hull mold will not be required, as the open-cockpit version is based on an existing model.

The eight-seat cockpit configuration only will be offered in open-cockpit versions of the SC 46. Base power will be twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines. Though Kleitz and company will gladly install more-potent versions of the Fond du Lac, Wis., company’s quad-cam-four-valve, turbocharged engines, he believes the twin 1100 package will be ideal.

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Cockpit tooling is all that remains in the development process.

“It’s going to be plenty fast on that power,” he said. “And now you can get a three-year warranty on that engine.”

So far the company has taken three orders for the open-cockpit cat. Though he declined to rule out finishing hull No. 1 this year, the first build likely will roll out in early-to-mid 2024.

“We are a small, custom builder and our customers want something no one else has,” Kleitz said. “Outerlimits has always been on the forefront of design and this boat will take that to the next level.”

Outerlimits has produced the deck for its first eight-seat, open cockpit SC 46 catamaran.

Outerlimits is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The company is hosting an owners event, July 21-22, based out of its Rhode Island headquarters.

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