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Outerlimits Adding 50-Footer

Using its sit-down SV52 as the foundation, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats is in the process of building its first 50-footer, dubbed the SV50. According to Mike Fiore, the owner and founder of the Bristol, R.I., company, Outerlimits already has two orders for the new model—each with twin Mercury Racing 1350 turbocharged quad-over-head cam engines.

Shown with a canopy is this rendering below the SV52, the SV50 will come with

Shown with a canopy in this rendering below the SV52, the SV50 will come standard with an open cockpit.

The SV50 will ride on the same five-step hull as the SV52. Though it is displayed in the rendering above as a canopied boat, the first two models will be built with open cockpits. (Canopies are an option for buyers who want them.)

While the running surface length will not change, the overall length of the boat will drop to 50 feet thanks to a shorter (approximately 15 inches) and much lower-profile deck.

“Based on the success of our first SV52 with Mercury Racing 1350s, we sold the two SV50s with the same engine packages,” said Fiore. “We think it’s going to be a great-looking—and running—package.”

Delivery for the new SV50 models is slated for fall 2012 and winter 2013.

The Outerlimit SV50 will be based off the company's SV52 sit=down V-bottom shown here.

The Outerlimit SV50 will be based off the company’s SV52 sit-down V-bottom shown here.

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