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Outerlimits 28-footer to Begin Production in Late June

Production of the 28' Outerlimits should begin in 30 days.Shown in a rendering, the smallest model in the Outerlimits line has multi-step hull.

The smallest model in a line of custom high-performance boats from 37 to 52 feet, the 28’ Outerlimits will begin production in 30 days, according to Mike Fiore, the owner and founder of the Bristol, R.I., company. Fiore said that he has four orders for the single-engine, stepped 28-foot-long V-bottom.

“As soon as we announced we were building it, we got phone calls,” he said earlier today. “I’m actually going out to run the prototype again later today. We’ve run the heck out of that thing.”

The 28’ Outerlimits will be an epoxy-composite boat with monocoque construction.

According to Fiore, Outerlimits currently has five models in production. Most recently, he said, he received an order for a 52-footer.

Editor’s Note: Speedonthewater.com first reported on the introduction of this new model on June 24, 2010.