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Ongoing Apache Projects: Big and Small

Caught up with Mark McManus of McManus Superboats, which builds Apache Powerboats in Fort Myers, Fla., this morning. McManus said he has two new composite lay-up Apache V-bottoms in production, as well as a couple of Apache restorations lined up.

“I’m doing a really cool project with Bob Teague (owner of Teague Custom Marine), a 51-footer with two of his 1,200-hp engines in it,” McManus said. “It’s the first 51 we’ve done with two engines. It also has different styling in the rear deck, the cockpit, and the dash layout.

“It’s going to a client in Italy, and it’s probably six weeks away,” he continued. “I built a Cigarette for his father 30 years ago. I’ve been in this business so long that now my customers’ kids are coming to me.”

McManus also said he has a new “bright turquoise” 28-footer, which should be completed in October, headed for a client in Key West, Fla.

“He’s a retired doctor, 73 years old and really colorful,” he said. “There aren’t many 73-year-olds who order performance boats.”