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On The Road To Desert Storm

No serious “blog” today—I’m sitting in San Francisco International Airport waiting for a flight to Las Vegas. From there I’ll catch up with Powerboat magazine’s Ryan Johnson for a rental car blast through the desert to Lake Havasu City, Ariz., the site of Desert Storm. For those outside the go-fast boat world, Desert Storm includes a poker run tomorrow, a speed “shootout” on Saturday and an “offshore” race—not sure I’d call racing on Lake Havasu racing “offshore”—on Sunday. Normally I’d head back Sunday night, but I’m testing boats wit Powerboat on Monday.

So for the next few days, Havasu is home. Desert Storm is, arguably of course, the biggest event of the performance-boating year. So naturally, I’m headed there with a bunch of burning questions, including:

•Who won today’s Cannonball run from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu City?

•How many friends will I bump into a single block of tonight’s Street Festival?

•How will they feel—and what will they look like—in the morning?

•Who will winners be in the poker run, the shootout and the offshore race?

•Will anyone other than me—because I have to write it all down for my upcoming Desert Storm feature in Powerboat—remember their names?

Will the JBS Mystic catamaran top 200 mph?

I’ll bring you the answers to these questions and more in the coming days. Right now, the big question is: Will my flight be on time?