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On Sale Now! Speed On The Water 2015 Special Collector’s Edition Print Magazine

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Since we launched our bi-monthly digital magazine three years ago, Jason Johnson, my co-publisher at speedonthewater.com, and I have been planning to do something in print. And with the upcoming late-December release of our 132-page, photo-intensive 2015 Speed On The Water Special Collector’s Edition magazine, that’s finally happening!

You see, we didn’t necessarily choose the digital world—with the death of Powerboat magazine, it chose us. With Powerboat fading into the sunset in 2006, I started speedonthewater.com near the end of that year. When Powerboat finally keeled over a few years later, Johnson and I joined forces in the website. Since then, we’ve created an online portal that delivers high-performance powerboating news seven days a week, a weekly newsletter and a bi-monthly digital magazine, all supported by an app available on iTunes and Google Play. In short, we’ve created a solid array of online media products.

Still, we missed print. Johnson and I worked a combined 22 years for Powerboat, and we both came to the magazine with extensive print magazine and newspaper experience. As much as we love what we’re doing now, we miss what we were doing then. There is something to be said for product you can hold in your hands, or leave on your coffee table for months on end.

Perfect bound and on-sale now, the 2015 Speed On The Water Special Collector’s Edition magazine will capture the year in pictures—with a few well-placed words here and there—with images from the best photographers in the go-fast-boating game, including Pete Boden, Jay Nichols, Tim Sharkey and others. The magazine will be printed in early December and distribution will begin shortly thereafter. Priced at $20 per issue including postage, copies will be limited so we encourage you to order early.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re abandoning our digital efforts—far from it. You can expect the daily news and weekly newsletter to continue as always, and there are three Speed On The Water digital magazine issues left to go this year. What it does means is that come late December you’ll have something special in your hands, something that we think you’ll want to keep forever to remember the year in performance boating.