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On Board Team Torrente’s MTI 440X Catamaran—Family Matters

A wise child psychologist—the mother of my daughter and son to be honest—once told me that as parent you are only as happy as your least happy child. Not only did that stick, I spun it into another maxim that applies to the go-fast boating world.

Last month’s 1,000 Islands Charity Poker Run was the Torrente family’s second outing in their new MTI 440X catamaran. Photos by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Helmkamp Photos.

As a driver with lives in your hands, you should only be as happy with the ride you’re providing as your least happy passenger.

By that measure, Shaun Torrente was one very happy family man last month at the 1,000 Islands Charity Poker Run in Clayton, N.Y. Because the day before the run, his wife, Flavia, and daughter, Isabella, were beaming throughout the ride to historic Boldt Castle in the Southwest Florida family’s new MTI 440X catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 500R outboards.

And that gave me an idea: Ask Flavia and Isabella, the Torrente’s whip-smart 18-year-old who is headed to Florida State University as a freshman this month, for their takes as passengers on the 44-footer. I already had Shaun Torrente’s verdict as a driver—he loves everything about the cat, especially when the water gets sporty.

Why not ask his favorite and most frequent passengers?

The winners of the Speed On The Water “1,000 Islands Charity Poker Run” auction item last November in Key West, Fla., the Torrentes plan to return to the Upstate New York event.

That’s exactly what I did. Here’s what they had to say.

Flavia Torrente—A Dream Come True
If you would have told me 10 years ago that we would own an MTI I would have said you were crazy. Owning an MTI is truly a dream come true. We took delivery of our 440X May 17. It sat in our front yard for a few days. Shaun and I would stand at the front door and say to ourselves, “I can’t believe that’s our boat.”

Wes (Jones) at MTI helped us with the design. I call him the therapist because he’s a perfect combination of diplomatic and patient. Prodigy Paint and Design brought our vision to life. The 440X offers more room in the cockpit and handles the rough water of the Gulf of Mexico with ease.

When you buy an MTI you’re not only buying an exceptional boat but you become part of a family that is passionate about boating and living life to the fullest. The Scisms are an incredible family that have certainly set the bar high.

Everything about the beautiful 44-footer appeals to Flavia Torrente.

With our new 440X in tow we ventured along the east coast to Clayton, N.Y., for the 1000 Islands Charity Poker Run. I had heard about it for years and how truly beautiful the area was. We finally had the opportunity to go and it did not disappoint. It was a welcome departure from the Florida heat and palm trees. It also was the most organized poker run I had ever attended. I appreciated how safety was one of the top priorities.

Since it was our first time in these waters, the boat markers with orange flags were a huge help and kept us on course. The staff and locals were friendly and helpful. The icing on the cake was definitely the fireworks show at the end of the weekend.

We’ll definitely be back next year.

Isabella Torrente—An Instant Favorite
We ran the boat for the second time ever at the 1,000 Islands Charity Poker Run, and the waters were very different from what we’re used to. But they were a nice change from the warm water and sandbars of Florida. The MTI 440X performed great—cruising at high speeds and keeping up with the large inboard MTIs—and the poker run was very organized and prioritized safety, something that is a must at such a large event. It was a fantastic experience and we look forward to attending again.

Isabella Torrente appreciates the generous space in the catamaran’s cockpit.

As for the MTI 440X itself, it surpassed all of my expectations and has quickly become my favorite boat we have ever owned. The attention to detail is incredible, as expected with any MTI. The cockpit in the 440X is extremely spacious, allowing for more leg room. Because of its large size, it handles rough water fantastically and feels very stable. MTI is exceptional at making any customer’s vision come to life, and we are extremely pleased with ours. The craftsmanship of an MTI, from the paint, the seats, the dash and even the SeaDek, is unmatched in the boating industry.

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