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Old Hickory Organizers, Wozencraft Raising the Stakes to $50,000

According to the statistics section of about.com, the odds of getting dealt a Royal Flush—meaning 10 to the Ace in the same suit—in one 52-card deck are one in every 649,750 hands. But thanks to Wozencraft Insurance, the Tennessee Powerboat Club and a promotions company called American Hole ’n One, one lucky participant in the upcoming third annual Old Hickory Fun Run July 31-August 1 will have a better chance—approximately one in 3,800—at drawing the best of all five-card poker hands and winning $50,000 in the process.

“That ought to pay for about a year’s worth of gas,” said Chad Collier, the organizer of the event, who owns a 50-foot Mystic Powerboats catamaran with twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines. (In Collier’s case that amount might come up a few bucks short of a season’s gas money.)

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Said Collier, who owns this 50-foot Mystic cat, on the potential $50,000 payout: “That ought to pay for about a year’s worth of gas.” Photo courtesy/copyright Yvonne Aleman/Speedonthewater.com.

Here’s how it will work: The players with the top five hands doled out during the event will get to play one more hand of five-card stud poker. That winner of that hand will draw one card from five of 20 envelopes, with each envelope containing one card required to complete a Royal Flush. (Simple math: Four suits multiplied by five cards—10 to Ace—at one card per envelope equals 20 envelopes.)

If that lucky player happens to pull four of a kind, the payout is $5,000. The payout for a Full House, with relatively decent odds of 32 to 1, is $2,500. All of which is not bad for a fun day on the water. And even if the player doesn’t pull one of those winning hands, he or she will get an extra $250.

“Chad is a customer—we insure his Mystic—and a really good friend, so I was delighted to help sponsor this promotion,” said Wozencraft, who is enjoying the July 4 weekend at his home in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., and logging plenty of time on the water. “It’s a growing event for a great cause.”

This year, that cause is the Wounded Warrior Project. The majority of the proceeds from the event will go to the non-profit, nationwide charity, which benefits veterans injured in the line of duty.

Editor’s Note: Speedonthewater.com will be on scene to cover the Old Hickory Fun. Look for real-time reports from the event, as well as a feature in the July/August issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine.

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