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Number One Thousand: A Trulio Milestone

Even though I’ve contributed almost 180 stories since joining speedonthewater.com in January, I can’t take any credit for the true milestone the site reached today. With that being said, I’d like to recognize my colleague Matt Trulio for his accomplishments with speedonthewater.com, the news website he created three years ago.

Matt Trulio says article 1,000 is only the beginning for speedonthewater.com.

Matt Trulio says article 1,000 is only the beginning for speedonthewater.com.

Less than an hour ago, Matt posted speedonthewater.com’s 1,000th article—Outerlimits Opening West Coast Operation. He is the first to admit some stories have been better than others. Still, the fact that this website has produced that many stories related to happenings in our tight-knit go-fast community is a testament to Matt’s hard work and consistency. I tip my hat to him.

I also invite you to peruse the archives and enjoy some of Matt’s best work, but in the meantime here are some highlights from the past three years and the first 1,000 articles. No. 100: Speed Racer Tops 100 MPH with Potter Power; No. 500: LMA Credit Lines An Option for Go-Fast Boat Buyers; Most-read story: My Way Crew Confirmed to be OK After Crash.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Matt’s heartfelt tributes to our good friend, the late Tom Newby. Here are the links if you missed them: Tom Newby Remembered: High-Wire ActWhat Would Tom Newby Do?September 11: Tom Newby Remembered and Calling Tom Newby.

Finally, Matt and I owe a huge thank you to our advertisers and readers. Without your support, we wouldn’t even have the opportunity to write these stories. Do you know what the best part is about hitting No. 1,000? The fact that we can look ahead to articles 2,000, 5,000 and more. This is only the beginning for speedonthewater.com as we have some cool things in store for 2013 and beyond.