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Now Available: The Second Annual Speed On The Water Year In Review Print Magazine

After the arrival of the advance copies of our Speed On The Water 2016 Year In Review print magazine—the bigger (and better, in our opinion) second edition of our oversize, year-in-pictures, coffee-table-style magazine—we were beaming with pride.

Not just pride in the physical copy of the beautiful publication designed by the talented Ricky Damien, but pride in the ability to collectively pull together an encompassing look back on an enduring year, one with wonderful highs and debilitating lows.

covers outside

We have to say—the first and second editions of the Speed On The Water Year In Review magazines look pretty cool together. It’s not too exciting, but check out the YouTube video below of the cover pages being printed at Walsworth in Marceline, Mo.

One thing’s for sure the magazine wouldn’t be possible without you. You—the participant, the offshore racer, the promoter, the event volunteer, the insurance agent, the photographer, the sponsor, the boat builder, the engine manufacturer—are what makes this niche industry so fascinating to cover. And that’s why you are featured throughout. From the Best of the Best that leads off the magazine to the sections ranging from new boats and people to events, races and an In Memoriam spread that we are hoping to be able to exclude in the 2017 Year In Review.

From triumph to tragedy, the performance boat world as we know it has never experienced a year like 2016. So much to celebrate and so much to mourn—for so many reasons.

As always, we welcome your feedback if and when you receive your copy. And if you are need of one for yourself, your best boating buddy, a family member, a colleague or whomever, you can order additional copies right here using your credit card or Paypal.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank everyone who contributed to the special edition, including Damien, Ryan Johnson, Pete Boden, Erick Bryner, Tim Sharkey, Tom Leigh, Yvonne A. Aleman, Jay Nichols, Jeff Helmkamp, Paul Kemiel, Brad Glidewell, Jacob Davis, Devin Williams, Loren Morrissey, Halsey Fulton, Matt Wood and Stu and Jackie Jones and the entire Florida Powerboat Club staff. Special thanks goes to the Cox Group and the Showcase and Walsworth publishing teams as well. And of course to Rebecca Peacock-Fogg and Stephanie Johnson for tolerating the two of us.