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Nordic Building 24 SX with Ilmor 570 Engine

nordic 24sx lead

Just pulled from the molds this week, the latest 24 SX catamaran from Nordic Boats is going to be powered by an Ilmor MV8 570 engine.

With both the deck and the hull out of the mold and ready for assembly as of Wednesday, Thane Tiemer, general manager of Nordic Boats, is ready to let the cat out of the bag—pun intended. For the first time, Nordic is installing one of Ilmor Marine‘s new MV8 570 engines in one of its models—the sporty 24 SX catamaran.

There's still some work to do on the sporty 24 SX catamaran before it can receive its 570-hp power plant.Built with a lighter carbon-fiber/Kevlar deck, the 24-footer, which Nordic originally built with a Mercury Racing 565 engine in early 2012 (read the story), will include an IMCO Marine SCX drive with an SC lower unit.

Tiemer said the company is looking forward to the upcoming Catalina Ski Race in mid-July. Not only will Nordic owner Randy Davis be looking to tow 11-time Catalina Ski Race winner Todd Haig to another victory behind Team Nordic’s 47-foot V-bottom (read last year’s race recap), but Tiemer and company will have the new green and black 24 SX on display at the event.

“I’m curious to see how the boat will run with a little lighter layup and the small-block and being able to spin it up to 6,000 rpm,” Tiemer said. “We know it’ll run 100 mph, that’s for sure, we just don’t know how much faster it’ll go.”

Editor’s note: Speedonthewater.com will follow the progress of the 570-hp 24 SX from Nordic Boats.

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