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Nor-Tech’s Meeting Of The Minds

Once a staple of the high-performance powerboat industry, dealer meetings pretty much vanished after the recession of 2008. The reason for their disappearance was simple: Production go-fast boat-building died and the dealers supporting that market segment died with it. Dealer networks evaporated.


For the third year in a row, domestic and international Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Powerboats dealers gathered and bonded last week in Southwest Florida. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

So in no small way, Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Powerboats’ third annual dealer meeting last week was a welcome—make the coveted—anomaly. It means that products coming out of the North Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Fla., company are popular enough for the builder to need 11 dealers across the country and in farther flung destinations such as Puerto Rico and Sweden.

That Nor-Tech is celebrating its 30th anniversary made this year’s three-day gathering particularly significant, because like most builders of pure go-fast catamarans and sportboats the company had to reinvent itself after the recession. And that meant becoming a performance-oriented center console builder.

For more images from the third annual Nor-Tech dealer meeting check out the slideshow above.

Nor-Tech started with a 39-footer in 2009—and it was an instant hit. In the following years, the company added 34-, 45-, 56- and 57-foot models.

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