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Nor-Tech Center-Console Converts Go Bigger With 390 Sport

David and Brenda Giles have enjoyed all kinds of powerboating-centric activities from barefoot waterskiing to offshore angling to simply cruising along their local waterways, but until four years ago the Tierra Verde, Fla., couple hadn’t seriously considered owning a center console. David, who is in the medical device business, found them appealing but Brenda, a nurse-practitioner and more-hardcore boater of the two—she holds multiple captain licenses—simply didn’t enjoy their looks.

Until they spied a Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats 340 Sport center console roar across a channel behind their beach home one day.

Starting with a 34-footer and moving on to a 39-footer (above), Florida’s David and Brenda Giles are on their second Nor-Tech center console in four years and they couldn’t be happier with the brand. Photo by Kevin Lane copyright Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats.

“Let’s get one of those,” Brenda said to her husband. “Now that’s a boat I’d like to drive.”

Added David, “She said, ‘I am buying one of those.’”

Not long after, the Giles were sitting down with Chris Erickson of Erickson Marine, a longtime Sarasota, Fla., Nor-Tech dealer. From there the Giles visited Nor-Tech headquarters in Fort Myers with Erickson, where they met with the company’s Kevin Lane to choose the colors—primarily blue—and power—triple Mercury Marine 350 Verado outboard engines for their own 340 Sport.

And they enjoyed their 34-footer from the moment they took delivery. “We just loved it,” Brenda Giles said.

But when she spied a Nor-Tech 390 Sport center console a little more than a year ago, she though they might enjoy a larger model even more.

“David didn’t want to get rid of (the 340)—he loved it,” she said, then laughed. “I had to talk him into it.”


Less than month ago, the couple took delivery of a new, predominantly red 39-footer powered by quad Mercury Racing 450R outboards. As with their 34-footer, they worked with Lane at Nor-Tech to specify their colors and options.

Though their new Nor-Tech is considerably faster, with 90-plus-mph top-end, and quicker than their 34-footer, going the quad 450R route wasn’t about speed and power—at least for Brenda Giles.

“For me, it’s about the look,” she explained. “I like the look of quad engines more than triples. But I can’t believe how well it rides and handles,” she continued. “And it’s absolutely beautiful. This time we went with red, since our other boat was blue, and we love it.

“Anything that involves being on the water is enough for us,” she continued. “We like doing the sandbar thing, but we also like offshore fishing. This boat with the fishing package is the best combination for everything.”

Though her husband echoed her sentiments on the 390 Sport’s versatility, it’s safe to say he appreciates the extra power.

“I like to go from point-A to point-B as fast as I can,” he said, then chuckled. “It’s unbelievable how well this boat handles. The hole-shot is incredible. And at cruising speed, it doesn’t burn that much more fuel than our last boat.

“I have to thank Kevin Lane at Nor-Tech again,” he added. “The boat came out just the way we planned. He’s a great guy. He was even out with us on a the Nor-Tech run a couple of weeks ago.”

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