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Nor-Tech And Mercury Marine Unite Go-Fast Boat Builders For Hurricane Relief

Collaboration among high-performance powerboat builders is rare. It’s not that they’re all at each other’s throats, though strong feelings do exist, but they do tend to go their separate ways. For obvious reasons—direct competition for a narrow audience chief among them—they don’t share a lot of information about future plans or anything else that could be considered proprietary. They tend to view one another as fierce competitors and act accordingly.

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The employees of Nor-The Hi-Performance Boats donned Mercury Marine-produced T-shirts to kick off the Hurricane Dorian Relief Social Media Challenge.

But for the past week, Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats, Mercury Marine, Cigarette Racing Team, DCB Performance Boats, Fountain Powerboats, MTI and Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats have worked as a team—maybe for the first time, ever—on something called the Hurricane Dorian Relief Social Media Challenge.

“It all started with Nor-Tech Hi Performance Boats purchasing enough Mercury Marine Hurricane Dorian Relief T-shirts for our entire staff,” said Geoff Tomlinson, Nor-Tech’s dealer manager, who worked closely on the project with the Fort Myers, Fla., company’s Trond Schou and Henrik Margård and other key staffers. “After receiving our T-shirts, the whole factory gathered for group photo. We posted it on our Facebook page and challenged Marine Technology, Inc., to do the same, and challenge another manufacturer.

“Of course, MTI owner and founder Randy Scism accepted the challenge, responded with their staff photo and called out the next manufacturer to do the same,” he continued. “MTI challenged Fountain Powerboats.”

Fountain challenged Cigarette, Cigarette challenged Outerlimits and Outerlimits challenged DCB—and all purchased shirts, raising more than $7,000 so far for Hurricane Dorian relief, and post photos of their teams decked out in them on their Facebook pages. Last but not least, speedonthewater.com today rose to the challenge issued yesterday by DCB.

And now we are challenging you, our loyal readers. To buy a shirt and support the cause, click here.

Collaborate with us. If the high-performance industry can do it, it should be a piece of cake for all of us.

And we’ll offer an added incentive. Anyone who wears one of these special shirts to the upcoming Speedonthewater/Offshoreonly Key West Bash on Thursday, Nov. 7 at the Sandbar Sports Grill on Greene Street, gets a free drink.


Wear your Hurricane Dorian Relief Social Media Challenge T-shirt to the upcoming Speedonthewater/Offshoreonly Key West Bash will get you a free cocktail courtesy of publishers Jason Johnson (left) and Matt Trulio.

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