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Nor-Tech Adding 34-foot Center Console

Following up on the success of its 39-foot center-console model introduced last year, Nor-Tech is adding a 34-foot-long, 10-foot-wide version. According to Terry Sobo, Nor-Tech’s director of sales and marketing for the Cape Coral, Fla., company, the hull plug is almost complete and the first new model should be on the water by spring.

“You can get it with twin outboard engines, and a lot of the guys overseas who just tool around will probably just put one engine on it,” said Sobo. “We’re also going to open it up for diesel applications.

“We’re using some of the same interior pieces from the 39 to keep down the tooling costs,” he added.

Sobo said that with twin outboard engines he expects retail pricing for the 34-footer to be in the low $300,000 range.