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Nor-Tech 420 Monte Carlo Reaches 100 MPH with Twin 700s

nortech 420 sunrise leadWith its stunning Sunrise Candy paint job, Nor-Tech’s latest 420 Monte Carlo is powered by twin Mercury Racing HP700SCi engines. Photos by Mario Vazquez

Not every customer eyeing the stylish 420 Monte Carlo from Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats is going to consider building the European-inspired V-bottom to go fast. But that’s exactly what Cody and Veronica Lovins wanted when they ordered the 42-foot model with a pair of Mercury Racing HP700SCi engines with No. 6 drives.

nortech 420 sunrise cockpit
nortech 420 sunrise engines
nortech 420 sunrise float

The couple from Houston, Texas, will soon be taking delivery of the boat, which is the most powerful of the seven 420 models to come out of the Nor-Tech factory in Fort Myers, Fla., to date. The Lovins’ 420 Monte Carlo features a striking “Sunrise Candy” paint job, boasts a large luxurious cabin and looks more like a classic runabout than an offshore go-fast boat. In fact, you may be surprised to find out it is a 100-mph boat.

During a recent test run, the crew from Nor-Tech reached an impressive 100 mph in the 42-footer, which has a 10-foot beam. Not a lot faster out of the hole than the same boat with twin Mercury Racing 565 engines—a more popular engine package along with Yanmar 370 diesels—the 700-hp powered model gained an additional 20 mph on the top end and felt like a true offshore boat thanks to the beefier drives and larger props.

According to Terry Sobo, Nor-Tech’s director of sales and marketing, the boat ran well in big water and proved it could handle some nasty conditions as the crew got caught in a storm coming back in from testing. In addition, the efficient hull delivers 1.3 mpg while running 60 mph with a full load of fuel, six passengers and enough luggage for a weekend getaway.

Sobo also said that the boat was so stable at 100 mph that the new owner is considering building another with twin Mercury Racing 1100s.

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