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Next Week’s Texoma Throw Down Postponed Because Of High Water Levels

The decision that Casey Moore had to make yesterday to postpone the Texoma Throw Down was not an easy one, but it was a smart one considering how high the water levels are on Lake Texoma following some major storms that have hit the Midwest recently.


Many boaters who attended last year’s inaugural Texoma Throw Down in Oklahoma were planning to participate in the fun run again next week. Photo by Kevin Johns/Instant Memories Photography

Moore, who started the fun run that was hosted at Marina Del Rey in Kingston, Okla., last year, consulted with local officials, fellow organizers and many of his performance boat friends before ultimately announcing that next week’s second annual event (May 16-19) would be postponed—not cancelled, Moore emphasized in a Facebook video post on Thursday, just postponed until a later date this summer.

Moore said he plans to take a closer look at the overall poker run schedule and discuss potential new dates with sponsors and supporters of the event. He expects to announce future dates next week.

Moore was obviously disappointed to make the call, but after all of the heavy rainfall the lake that borders Texas and Oklahoma has collected as of late, it made the most sense.

“The lake level has raised dramatically; in fact, North Island, the location of our cheeseburgers in paradise and fish fry that was scheduled for Friday afternoon, is under water,” Moore said. “We want people to come here, have a good time and not have to worry about damaging their boats. That wouldn’t happen next week, but don’t worry, this event is going to happen.

“We’re looking for the best date possible, likely sometime in July or August—we’re going to find a weekend where there aren’t too many conflicts,” he added. “If you’ve already paid, all of your reservations will be transferred over. If you’d like a refund you can get that, too. I can help you with that and with any accommodations that already have been made.”

Moore, who is extremely proud of the cool swag and prizes he had ready for the event, which includes apparel, tumblers, flags, laminated maps and more, is staying optimistic about the last-minute change of plans.

“If anything, this will give us more time to make the event even better,” he said.

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