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New Video Release: In The Lead With Michael Howe Of Howe2Live

A few months back, Speedonthewater.com’s MTI At 25 for the week featured a picturesque sunset shot of Michael and Sarah Howe’s new MTI 440X filled with the Scrapyard Media video crew and yours truly, along with Michael Howe’s daughter, Micayla. The picture was taken after an incredible seafood dinner and a long day of shooting with the adventure-seeking couple behind the successful Howe2Live YouTube channel for an episode in the third season of “In The Lead”—and now you can check out our latest video, In The Lead with Michael Howe

Michael Howe and his wife, Sarah, are featured in the new In The Lead episode that went live this morning.

Rather than try to recreate what the influential couple has already done in exceptional ways to cover their boating adventures, our team opted to visit the Howes in their home state of Maine and wow was that the best call. Originally we thought about the fun it would be to hang out with the Howes at their home away from home in the Florida Keys or maybe even join them on an overnight trip to The Bahamas or up Florida’s West Coast to a Fort Myers Offshore fun run, but the decision to fly into Portland, Maine, to meet the co-founder of Howe & Howe Technologies in Waterboro—as well as his incredible wife and their loveable lab, Yukon—worked out perfectly.

Although it was a quick trip, we maximized the time by interviewing Sarah Howe at work—she’s been with the Sanford Police Department nearly 20 years and currently handles courthouse responsibilities—which was preceded by a tour of Howe & Howe and interviews Michael and his co-found/twin brother, Geoff, at their facility.

Of course we ended the day on the water in the couple’s radical 44-foot catamaran from MTI—it’s the third cat they’ve owned from the Wentzville, Mo., builder—for a dinner run to the Stern Seafood Restaurant at Pine Point Beach in Scarborough. It’s a trip I’ll never forget and not just because it was my first trip to the northernmost state in New England, but because of the hospitality extended by the Howes and the fact that it was my first ride in MTI’s latest and greatest catamaran.

And thanks to the latest episode of In The Lead, which is presented by MYCO Trailers, Bluave Marine Audio, CP Performance, DEFCO Trucks, Hamilton Marine Finance, Hardin Marine and Race World Offshore, you can get a closer look at the real world of Michael and Sarah Howe, the Howe2Live creators with millions of followers thanks to their love for being on the water and Michael Howe’s careful creativity and unending passion for storytelling.

The new In The Lead also explores Michael Howe’s humble beginnings and what motivated him to become the inventor, entrepreneur—and now filmmaker—that he has become. So, as Howe might say, grab your popcorn, put on your life vest and hit play to join on them on their latest adventure—a look at how the Howes became YouTubers.

So please enjoy “In The Lead with Michael Howe,” episode No. 3 of the series that tells the stories of the most accomplished and innovative racers, builders, influencers and entrepreneurs in the high-performance powerboat industry with support from MYCO Trailers, Bluave Marine Audio, CP Performance, DEFCO Trucks, Hamilton Marine Finance, Hardin Marine and Race World Offshore.

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