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New Teague-Powered Eliminator 28 Speedster Ready for Lake Cumberland Poker Run

Following last week’s test of a new Eliminator Boats 28 Speedster powered by twin Teague Custom Marine 1050EFI engines and IMCO Marine SCX4 drives on Arizona’s Lake Havasu, the 28-foot sport catamaran was loaded onto a flat-bed trailer and off it went to Ohio where it was delivered to Steve and Stacie Surmay, who are planning to run their new boat in the 10th annual Lake Cumberland Poker Run at Lake Cumberland State Dock in Jamestown, Ky.

elim teague speedster2

This new Eliminator 28 Speedster was recently delivered to a happy customer in Ohio. All photos courtesy Gary Schueller.

The two-day Lake Cumberland Poker Run, which starts today and gives participants the chance to visit any of the nine marinas along the course before the end of day Saturday, is best known for its massive Houseboat Row set up of “boatels” as well as the raft-ups at Harmony Creek and 76 Falls.

Steve Surmay said he’s excited to be able to show off his new Eliminator, which was rigged by the talented team at Teague Custom Marine. Prior to the Speedster, Surmay owned a 25 Daytona from Eliminator and several Stoker models. In fact, he stills owns the 20-foot Stoker he built in 1997 and the 22-footer he built in 2011.

“I’ve never had a boat as nice as this Eliminator,” Surmay said. “When I spoke with Bob Teague (owner of Teague Custom Marine) and Bob Leach (Eliminator’s founder) I used the word breathtaking when describing the boat to them.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about the boat and how it handles,” he continued. “I feel lucky to have two of the biggest performance boating icons in the industry available to help dial in the boat. Both Bobs have done a lot for this industry and they’ve treated me well.”

For more images of the 28 Speedster powered by twin 1,050-hp Teague Custom Marine, check out the slideshow above.

Surmay added that he hasn’t gotten much seat time in the boat as it arrived from Lake Havasu at the end of last weekend.

“Steve saw the boat in pictures throughout the build process, but he wasn’t at Lake Havasu for the test day so he had to wait until it was delivered to Ohio to see it in person,” said Gary Schueller, who handles Eliminator’s sales and marketing. “We did send him some pictures of Bob and John Teague running the boat, which he thought was cool.”

Because he’s just getting used to the boat, Surmay isn’t about to throw out any top speed numbers, especially because he is more interested in the fun factor provided by wicked acceleration rather than getting an extra mph or two at the top end.

“The setup was on the money,” said John Teague, Bob’s son who is one of the company’s lead riggers and mechanics. “It’s a quick, fast boat thanks to the 1.35:1 gear ratio. I think it turned out really nice and I believe the customer is just as happy with it. Hopefully they have a good time at the poker run.”

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