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New Sunsation 40 CCX Making Debut At Boyne Thunder Poker Run

One of the most recent boats to leave the Sunsation Powerboats facility in Algonac, Mich.—a beautiful new 40 CCX powered by triple Mercury Racing 450R engines—is going to be participating in Saturday’s Boyne Thunder Poker Run in Boyne City, Mich., a first for the Michigan-based owner and his family.

The team at Sunsation delivered its latest 40 CCX to the Spence family on Michigan’s Torch Lake. Photos by Brad DiMaggio/courtesy Sunsation Powerboats

Delivered a few weeks back to Troy Spence, the center console, which Spence referred to as “over the top,” is Sunsation’s first 40-footer to call Northern Michigan’s Torch Lake its home waters. On top of enjoying the new boat over the weekend and on Monday at one of the prettiest waterways in the country, the Spence family is expecting to have a great time in its new boat this weekend on Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan.

“We love the new boat—everybody on board is so happy and comfortable in it,” Spence said, adding that he probably would not have looked at a Sunsation if it wasn’t for his then-13-year-old son showing him a video on social media. “For us, this is the right boat with the right power. We’re very pleased with how it turned out. It is seriously set up for entertaining, yet you can also go fast and cover some water in a hurry.”

Spence, who owned a Glasstream 273 center console for almost 20 years, said after his son showed him the Sunsation video a couple of years ago when they were considering getting a new boat, he jokingly told the teenager to contact the company and get some information. Soon after, Spence recalled that Sunsation was the same Michigan-based company known for its V-bottom sportboats.

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Check out the slideshow above for more images of the 40-footer.

“I’m a Michigan guy so I like doing business with other Michigan companies,” Spence said. “It also really helped that Joe (Schaldenbrand, one of Sunsation’s owners) took my son’s call two-plus years ago and treated him with respect. The funny thing was that I asked my son—also named Troy, but we call him T-Don for Troy Donavon—if he even knew what he was looking at. I told him, ‘That’s a serious boat, and if you’re serious about it, you need to get a hold of someone there and get some information about it.’ I was kind of playing with him but he took it seriously.

“The next thing I know he calls up Sunsation and Joe gets on the phone—and yes the owner took his call, answered his questions and followed up with him,” he added.

So when the time came to get a new boat, the Spence family turned to Schaldenbrand and company—and ended up being beyond pleased with that decision thanks to all of the custom touches, the high-end interior and the gorgeous paintjob from Mitcher T. Custom Painting.

And, after getting more time in the boat and potentially receiving the royal treatment at one of the coolest poker runs in the country this weekend, the family is likely to be even more thrilled about its decision to join the Sunsation nation.

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