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New Powerboat Magazine Department: “Five Minutes With.”

Just finished the first installment of Powerboat magazine’s newest department called “Five Minutes With.” A full-page question-and- answer segment with an industry notable—2010 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Top Gun David Scott this time around—the department will debut in the next issue.

By design, “Five Minutes With” features questions that can be answered in one or two sentences. Obviously, not all questions lend themselves to that kind of brief response. Here’s one question—and of course Scott’s answer—that was a little too long to make it in the new department, but something I thought offshore racers and fans might find intriguing. Definitely food for thought.

MT: What’s the biggest challenge facing offshore racing now?

David Scott: Economics. The economics have been lacking in the sport, even in the good times. This sport has always been made up of people who, let’s face it, have a lot of money. When they don’t like something, they go to another sanctioning body or even start another sanctioning body. There’s not enough money to entice them to stick with organization or another when something happens that they don’t necessarily like.

The way it is now with all the political infighting and the economy we have in this country, I feel bad for the sport and have great concern for it right now.