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New Performance Boating Magazine Launched

Source-Interlink, the publisher of Motor Trend, Hot Rod and a bunch of other magazines you might have heard of, has launched a new magazine called Sport Boat. According to its media kit, the magazine will provide powerboat and tow-vehicle reviews, cost-effective engine and propulsion system upgrade articles, hands-on technical information and more.

So why is this good news? In fact, why, as the editor at large for Powerboat magazine, should I even bother to write about it? It’s not as if I’ll ever be able to write for the new title as long as I’m at Powerboat—it is direct competition—and I’m not leaving Powerboat anytime soon.

Answering the second question first: It’s newsworthy. I cover the high-performance powerboat world, and if I failed to report that there’s a new magazine in that world I wouldn’t be doing my job. As for the first question, the launch of this new title is good for a few reasons.

First, it gives information-hungry performance-boat enthusiasts, meaning all of you, another way to get that information. Second, if, in fact, the go-fast marine industry can support another title it means the industry is getting healthier—and that would be good news for everyone.

Third, I love competition. Strike that, I thrive on it—and I think the new magazine will provide solid competition. My former Powerboat editors Gregg Mansfield and Brett Becker contributed to the first issue, which went to press this week.

One of my former colleagues—one who should know better—asked me if I was worried. I laughed. I watch and respect the competition, but I never worry about it. Competition pushes me, as it probably does most of you, to do better. I just put my head down and work harder.

Plus, if I had a dime for every start-up magazine that was going “put Powerboat out of business,” I’d have, to loosely borrow from Slim Pickens in the movie “Blazing Saddles,” an “s-load of dimes.”

My response to those involved with the new title? Bring it.

As for where you can find the magazine after it prints …

Even on a good news Friday, I’m just not that nice of a guy.