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New Outerlimits SV 50 Hits 145 MPH In Chilly First Test Session

The upside of testing a 50-foot, open-cockpit powerboat that runs 145 mph on a 36-degree day is that power loss from ambient heat is unlikely. The downside? Running a 145-mph, open-cockpit boat on a 36-degree day. No matter how warmly you dress, the cold will find you.

The latest SV 50 from Outerlimits powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350/1100 engines is a rocket. Top and bottom images by Halsey Fulton copyright Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats.

But Dan Kleitz knows that comes with the territory of being national sales manager and de facto lead boat-tester for Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats in Bristol, R.I. So out he went yesterday in a new SV 50, which is headed to a Michigan-based client, on Narraganset Bay for the boat’s first sea trial.

To his credit, Kleitz tried to wait until it warmed up and it did. The temperature rose from 34 to 36 degrees by the time he left the dock.

But while the wind-chill left his hands and face cold, the Mercury Racing 1350/1100 engine-powered 50-footer’s performance warmed him up a bit.

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The latest Outerlimits SV 50 is headed to a Michigan-based client.

“The boat ran incredible for the first time on the water in mid-30-degree temperatures,” Kleitz said. “It’s fast, really fast.

“That was with the engines in 1,350-hg mode,” he added. “I’ll bet it will still run 130, 135 mph with them in 1,100-hp mode.”

The 11,500-boat was laid up with epoxy and E-glass. Kentucky-based Stephen Miles Design handled the 50-footer’s graphics, while Kutting Edge of Missouri took care of its interior. Lee Aerospace fabricated the boat’s clean wraparound windshield. The helm station includes dual Garmin GPS units and Livorsi Marine throttles and shifters, which the owner will soon be putting to good use.

Despite the morning chill, Kleitz confessed to enjoying the ride.

“There is no substitute for the Mercury Racing QC4v engine package,” Kleitz said. “It puts a smile on your face every time you push the throttles forward.”

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