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Nor-Tech Owners Tackle Breathtaking Bahamas Adventure

When it comes to open-ocean powerboat trips, there’s more than safety in numbers—there’s a whole lot of fun. Just ask any of the 47 folks who joined Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats dealer Greg Bent of Bent Marine in Louisiana and Florida’s Alden Thornton of First Coast Nor-Tech, the gifted man behind the angling-specific SuperFish models created by the Fort Myers, Fla., custom high-performance center console, catamaran and V-bottom builder. Last week, Bent and Thornton led them on a fine, family-oriented Bahamas adventure.

Nor-Tech SuperFish owners took full advantage of everything their boats had to offer in the Bahamas last week. Photo by Kristen McCarty copyright speedonthewater.com.

To be fair, not all of them, mostly from the New Orleans area, came by boat. Some caught flights from the mainland to Grand Bahama, stayed a night and met the boats there.

But many did the 184-mile Miami-to-Nassau crossing. Among them were Bent Marine customers Patrick and Kristen McCarty, who took delivery of their third Nor-Tech 392 SuperFish this year in May, and Robert and Marianne Sengelmann, who also picked up their new 452 SuperFish from Bent Marine last month.

“It was a dream—we were blessed with weather that was out of this world,” said Kristen McCarty, though she has forbidden her husband from acquiring another boat this year. “We trailered three boats from New Orleans to Miami, my 392, Robert’s 452 and a World Cat. Alden ran down from St. Augustine.

Pure paradise in many forms was on tap for the group.

Then McCarty offered some numbers of her own.

“We had four houses, two cottages, one private chef, two pig bites, four smart phones lost underwater and 2,500 ‘Miami Vice’ drinks,” she said, then chuckled. “Plus one million laughs.”

Though they island-hopped, Staniel Cay in the Exuma Cays—a district of the Bahamas—was their favorite destination. To get the lay of the water and land involved, Bent and Thorton traveled to the tiny island last December.

Enjoy more images from the Nor-Tech Bahamas adventure in the slideshow above.

For last weekend’s trip, Bent was joined by his wife, Anjanette, their 16-year-old daughter, Amelie, and Grayson, their 11-year-old son. The McCartys and the Sengelmanns, are more than his customers, Bent said. They have become close family friends.

“We have been going to the Bahamas for a few years,” he said. “The first year, it was just our family. The second year, we took another family with us. The following year, we went to the Abacos and stayed at three different places.

Said Kristen McCarty (pictured here with Greg Bent) of the trip, “It was a dream.”

“Every year, we explore a little more and more people come with us,” he added. “It’s just a really cool adventure.”

McCarty said that she and her family “definitely” plan to return with the group next year. All were entertained by the island’s pig and turtle populations, as well as the snorkeling and—of course—fishing.

“Likely Staniel Cay again next year,” she said. “I also wouldn’t mind check out another island a few days prior to Staniel.”

One thing is sure: Wherever this group ends on its next Bahamian adventure, the good times are guaranteed to roll.

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