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New Nor-Tech 400 SS ‘Bridge Boat’ Shines From Boat Show To Poker Run

For most owners of new high-performance powerboats displayed during the Miami International Boat Show, the event is a multi-day exercise in delayed gratification. Sure, there is the kick of having a boat showcased in its builder’s display, but that only lasts a day or so for most folks. After that, the desire to get the boat in the water for the following weekend’s Florida Powerboat Club Miami Boat Show Poker Run tends to take over and steadily increase as the show goes on.

One week before they got it on the water in this weekend’s Florida Powerboat Club Miami Boat Show Poker Run, Jesse and Stephanie Neumann enjoyed watching strangers appreciate their Nor-Tech 400 SS during the Miami International Boat Show.

But while Jesse and Stephanie Neumann were ready to run their new Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats 400 SS center console, which was on display in the Miami Beach Convention Center during this year’s show from February 15-19, on the water they were anything but desperate to get it the on the water. The Minnesota couple truly appreciated show-goers ogling their new quad Mercury Racing 400R V-10 outboard engine-powered, Stephen Miles Design-painted 40-footer.

“It was fun to see other people enjoy it and generate ideas for their future builds,” said Jesse Neumann, who piloted the center console with his wife and several friends in the Miami Boat Show Poker Run this weekend.

To be fair, this wasn’t the first time the Neumanns have had a Nor-Tech in the Miami show. Several years ago, their 450 Sport Center Console was featured by Nor-Tech in the event and they ran it the following weekend in the Florida Powerboat Club happening. (Though their subsequent 50-footer didn’t make it to the show a couple of years later, they did take delivery in time for the poker run that followed.)

Said Jesse Neumann of his family’s new 40-footer, “It feels like a sportscar.”

The 400 SS, as previously reported on speedonthewater.com, is a ‘bridge boat’ for the couple, who have two daughters and enjoy exploring the Bahamas on their own vessel. They have another 50-footer slated for delivery this summer. Once they take delivery, they’ll sell the 40-footer.

“The 50 drives like a luxury SUV,” said Neumann. “The 40 is fun to drive—it feels like a sportscar to me.

“It’s fine for short runs but we’re so spoiled with have the 50 that we could never go back to a 40-footer as our only boat,” he added “But it is a sexy boat.”

Though the Neumann’s enjoyed their 45-footer, Stephanie wanted more hull in the water and space on board for their Bahamian adventures. That motivated her to ask Nor-Tech to build a 50-footer, which the company did not offer at the time. But Neumann is charming, persuasive and focused. Soon enough, Nor-Tech the Nor-Tech team was building hull No. 1.

Once the Neumanns take delivery of their 50-footer, the 400 SS will be on the market.

That boat was dubbed Salty Wife in her honor and the name has become a good-natured riff for the couple.

“She’s ‘Impatient Wife’ today as she wants her 50 now,” Jesse Neumann said, then laughed. “We appreciate what Nor-Tech does for us—they’re really good to us and treat us like family. That’s the reason why we’re on our fifth boat in six years with them.”

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