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New Nor-Tech 340 With Triple Mercury Racing 450Rs At Home In Nova Scotia

By the count of Double R Performance co-owner Peter Roberts, exactly two Nor-Tech Hi-Performance center consoles have found homes in Nova Scotia, Canada. Both are 340 Sport Center Consoles. Both have gone to the same publicity-shy owner. Both were sold to said owner, who refers to himself as “Rob from Nova Scotia”—by the Ontario, Canada-based Nor-Tech dealer.

Rob of Nova Scotia is going to get the most out of this new Nor-Tech 340 this season.

Roberts delivered the boat, which is powered by triple Mercury Racing 450R outboards, to the owner a few weeks ago. That was no small feat as Nova Scotia has a two-week quarantine period as one of its COVID-19 mandates for Canadians entering from other provinces.

The owner will use it every chance he gets for the rest of the season.

“Our season is short,” he said. “I usually put my boat in the water the first of June and have a hard stop the first part of September. I live on the northeast coast of Nova Scotia. We only have 950,000 people here and we have 4,800 miles of coastline. The neat thing is the topography and coastal areas from the cold Atlantic to the Bay of Fundy are very different as you move around the province. We are on the coast that overlooks Prince Edward Island on the North Cumberland Strait. We have beautiful crescent beaches and the warmest water north of Virginia. It’s a very nice powerboating region.”

Rob from Nova Scotia grew up with small powerboats. He moved up to a Doral runabout before he bought his first center console, a black 34-footer from Fountain Powerboats with triple 300-hp Mercury OptiMax outboards. (When he met former President George W. Bush during a banquet one year, they actually traded quick stories about their close-to-identical 34-foot Fountains.)

“I had that boat for eight years,” Rob said. “I started to research new center consoles and I came upon Peter and Raymond Roberts at Double R. So five or six years ago I bought a Nor-Tech 340 with triple 400Rs. For the kind of boating we do, day-sailing, I don’t need to go any bigger. I like that boat so much that I’d still have it had Mercury Racing not come out with the 450s.

“Peter asked me if I wanted to go up to the 390 because you put can quad 450s on that size boat,” he continued. “But for here, that would be overkill so I got the 340 with triple 450s and I love it. It’s phenomenal.”

A new power option drove the owner’s decision to order his second Nor-Tech 340 Sport CCthis time with a second of bolsters.

Rob had Nor-Tech add a second row of bolsters, which he described as a “huge hit,” behind the set at the helm station. He also opted for an upgraded stereo system and electronics package. But what’s most impressed him so far is the boat’s performance with its combined 1,350-hp propulsion package.

“The hole-shot is substantially different than it was with the 400Rs,” he said. “You are up and—boom—on plane. Two weekends ago, we had 16 adults on board and a full tank of gas, and we still had plenty of torque and horsepower. I was impressed.

“I didn’t want my wife to think I was just getting a new boat for the power so I ordered it with a bigger stereo and the latest electronics,” he added, then laughed. “But she’s smarter than that. She knew anyway.”

With triple 450Rs outboards, Rob’s Nor-Tech 340 should top out in the low-90-mph range. So his boat isn’t just the only Nor-Tech in Nova Scotia, it’s one of the fastest boats—if not the fastest boat—in the province.

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